Every cancer story is unique. We believe patients always deserve compassionate care and open communication with their medical team. Patients should expect an individualized treatment plan that combines the collective wisdom of a team of specialty doctors. Through collaboration, commitment and teamwork Cedars-Sinai Oncology will bring the future of cancer care to the San Fernando Valley. 

Patient Centered


Compassionate cancer care tailored to your diagnosis.



A single team committed to optimal cancer treatment.



Advanced, targeted treatments backed by clinical research.



World class cancer care in the San Fernando Valley.



Comprehensive cancer services will be available in the comfort of the newest medical facility in the San Fernando Valley.

  • Medical Oncology

    Medical Oncology

    Medical oncologists specialize in chemotherapy and drugs used during cancer treatment. They work closely with their patients and fellow cancer physicians to guide treatment planning. Our center will offer an onsite chemotherapy infusion center and a second opinion service.

  • Radiation Oncology

    Radiation Oncology

    Radiation Oncology uses radiation in the treatment of cancer. Our center will have a suite equipped with cutting-edge technology and staffed with radiation oncologist physicians.

  • Women's Center


    Breastlink has been a leader in breast health for 20 years. Our breast-dedicated medical professionals (breast imagers, dedicated breast surgeons, breast medical oncologists and breast reconstruction surgeons will help women with all of their breast care needs.

  • Radiology


    Radiology exams improve our ability to screen, diagnose and treat cancer. Full-service radiology practice will feature 3T MRI, PET/CT, interventional and nuclear medicine procedures. Our radiologists will have subspecialty experience in interpreting cancer imaging studies.

  • Women's Imaging

    Women's Imaging

    A dedicated women's imaging pavilion will provide breast imaging and other radiology exams in a spa-like environment. Women will benefit from the experience of breast-dedicated radiologists and advanced screening options such as 3D mammography.

  • Pathology


    Pathology plays a critical role to diagnose cancer and monitor treatments. An onsite laboratory will streamline pathological services and enable quick turnaround time for blood and tissue testing. Genomic tumor testing, which can identify genomic tumor markers for many types of cancer, will also be available. This will improve our ability to deliver targeted therapies and maximize the effectiveness of treatment.

  • Genomic Tumor Assessment

    Genetic Testing

    The medical community has identified many genetic mutations patients may have inherited that can increase the chance of getting cancer. We will offer a full-range of genetic testing and onsite genetic counseling services.

  • Research and Clinical Trials

    Research & Clinical Trials

    Patients can sometimes benefit from cancer therapies available only through research programs. Partnerships with researchers will offer patients access to drugs and interventions currently under investigation in clinical trials.

  • Specialty Physicians

    Specialty Physicians

    Our multidisciplinary team will include medical specialists in: breast surgical oncology, GI and colorectal surgery, head and neck surgery, orthopedic oncology, thoracic surgery, urogynecology surgery, urology, breast reconstruction surgery, cardiology, gastroenterology, gynecology, internal medicine and pulmonology.

  • Outpatient Surgery Center

    Surgery Center

    Patients can often receive surgery without being admitted into a hospital. An outpatient surgery center will serve the surgical needs of patients from the cancer center, associated specialty medical practices and other local doctors.

  • Psychosocial Support

    Support Services

    A cancer diagnosis often leaves patients with important choices to make and fears to cope with. Psychosocial support services can help patients deal with mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, which often arise following a cancer diagnosis. Working with community organizations we will connect patients with support groups.

  • Integrated Medicine

    Integrated Medicine

    Patients look beyond their conventional medical treatment to complement their cancer care and improve overall health. Integrated medicine services (acupuncture, nutrition counseling, creative therapy, exercise programs, etc.) can help patients maintain quality of life and even improve health outcomes.



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